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1.      Any permit holder may fish with single rod and line the following stretches of water.

The River Teviot.

The River Jed. Trout only fishing


1A.      A local permit will only issued to members residing within a 3 mile radius of the centre of Jedburgh.

            A new pensioner member must hold a full local permit for a minimum of 3 years before being granted a pensioners permit.

           An Exile member must have held a full permit before moving to another location. No pensioners discount for Exile members. 

2.          Spinning and Spinning Reels of any kind, and all forms of Minnow Fishing for Trout prohibited. Spinning for salmon is permitted with single hooks only. Fixed spool reels are allowed for grayling fishing when used with 3lb breaking strain for bait or trotting. Maggots and worm are allowed.

3.      Permit holders may fish for Trout and Grayling from Monday to Saturday, inclusive. No Sunday fishing.

4.       Permit holders must return to the river all Parr or Smolts, also all Trout under nine inches in length.

5.       The holder of a permit from this Association must exhibit it to the Association Watchers, or other persons having authority to demand exhibition thereof, at all times when asked to do so, and any person refusing or failing to exhibit a Permit may be turned off the River and the Permit forfeited.

6.      The holder of a Permit undertakes to fish with legal lines only, and to give all the assistance in his power to prevent illegal fishing and poaching. It shall be his duty at once to report all illegal acts to the Secretary or Watchers, and he shall allow the Watchers or other persons duly authorised to inspect the fish and tackle in his possession.

7.      No Permit holder shall be accompanied by a dog.

8.      Permit holders are requested to close all gates through which they pass and to avoid damaging fences or other property, or disturbing game, or to drop litter or cause any other nuisance.

9. In the interest of conservation a bag limit of 2 Trout will be adhered to.

10. Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when fishing the Teviot.

11. Salmon Permits will not be issued to anyone under 16 years of age.

12. Anyone failing to comply with the Association Rules will forfeit their Permit.

13. Anyone fishing without a Permit will be liable to prosecution under the - Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976 Revised Proposals for a Protection Order - Rivers Tweed and Eye Public Local Enquiry 25/27 June 1979 - The said Order to come into effect from 15th March 1980 for an initial period of 3 years.

14. The Seasons are :

SALMON -   1st February to 30th November (Fly only 1st-15th February) and (15th Sep to 30th November)

TROUT -      1st April to 30th September (Fly only 1st April -30th April).

GRAYLING - 1st Dec -30th Sep ( No grayling fishing Oct/Nov)

15. All anglers must adhere to the Tweed Code.

16. No worming, prawns, shrimp, live bait or multi-hook lures allowed when fishing for salmon.

17. All hen fish to be returned Nov 1st-Nov 30th.

18. Grayling anglers must at all time give way to those persons fishing for salmon.

19 . During the months of October and November Grayling anglers are limited to fishing with 1 fly only.

20 .  Maximum breaking strain tippet is 4lb when fishing for Grayling in line with the Tweed Code.